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How To Sew A Tailored Crib Skirt

2012年4月30日 月曜日


Wash and dry the fabric as you plan to wash the finished item. This can allow for any fabric shrinkage just before you sew.


Cut the fabric into five pieces: 1 piece 29 by 53 inches; two pieces that are 21 1/2 by 54 inches; and two 21 1/2- by 31-inch pieces.


Fold the short edges of all 4 21 1/2-inch pieces, by folding a 1/2-inch fold, then folding it under again, creating a 1/2-inch double-thickness seam. Pin in place. Be positive to fold these seams onto the wrong side with the fabric. You will have eight folded seams.


Sew these seams in place, employing a straight stitch.


Fold and pin the bottom hem inside the identical manner as the short edges folded previously.


Sew the hems in placeHow to Sew a Tailored Crib Skirt, utilizing a straight stitch.


Lay the raw edge of among the long pieces just sewn on prime of a long side of the 29- by 53-inch piece, with correct sides together, matching corners and edges. Pin in placeHow to Sew a Tailored Crib Skirt.


Lay a shorter piece on top rated of a shorter edge of the 29- by 53-inch piece in the similar manner, pinning in place. Continue with the other two skirt pieces.


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the skirt pieces for the large piece, working with a straight stitch and pivoting at the corners.


Trim all threads and turn right-side up. Iron
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all seams and hems to get a clean finish.


Place the skirt under the mattress.

Bumper Pad Warnings

About Baby Cribs

2012年4月29日 日曜日


Baby cribs
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are applied for babies to sleep in until they are able to sleep in a toddler or single bed. Many new parents decorate the baby crib with quilts, mobiles and bumper pads to match the nursery décor. When a baby
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is first born, he quite often sleeps in a bassinet or cradle in his parents room. However, many babies sleep in their cribs as soon as they are born.


When deciding on a crib, you can either purchase a traditional crib or a convertible crib. A convertible crib is even more costly, but converts into a toddler bed when the child outgrows the crib. Some cribs even convert into single or full size beds. Drop sides are a useful feature in a crib considering that they permit the parent to lower the sides to lift the baby out from the crib. If the crib has wheels it is actually easier to move when vacuuming or rearranging the room. Another feature to look for is a crib with adjustable mattress height. When your baby starts standing up, you will need to lower the crib mattress so that they cannot climb out in the crib.


Safety would be the most important consideration when choosing a crib. If you purchase a new crib, the crib is required to meet current safety regulations. If you borrow a second hand crib or antique crib, you need to verify that the crib is safe for your baby. Verify that the crib does not have any missing slats and that there is no significantly more than 2 3/8 inches in between the crib slats. The crib should really not have any cutouts in the headboard or footboard that the baby’s head could get stuck in. Make sure that any corner posts on the crib are lower than 1/16 inch.


Because the cost of cribs can vary widely in between models, set your budget before you begin shopping. You can find a large selection of cribs at baby specialty stores and discount stores. Local baby boutiques and online websites commonly sell designer cribs. If you are on a budget, watch sales at discount stores and baby specialty stores. If you are borrowing or purchasing a second hand crib, carefully inspect the crib to make sure it is sturdy and safe. Go to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website (See Resources) to verify that the crib has not been recalled.


After you have purchased the cribAbout Baby Cribs, it is actually vital to keep your baby safe in it whereas sleeping. Make sure that the crib is not near any window treatments such as curtains or window blinds. To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), do not put heavy blankets or stuffed animals within the crib together with your baby until they are over a year old. Once your baby begins standing up inside the crib, be sure to lower the mattress heightAbout Baby Cribs, remove any mobiles hanging over the crib and remove any bumper pads.

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Cool Baby Room Ideas

2012年4月23日 月曜日

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter is a classic and whimsical theme for a gender-neutral baby room. The British author of the, “Tale of Peter Rabbit” books offers a literary yet child-like touch to any baby room. From murals of Peter Rabbit on the baby’s walls, to crib bedding sets full of all of the animated characters from the childhood classic, the theme is soothing, friendly, warm and inspiring for both baby and parents. There are budget-friendly ways
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to add a Peter Rabbit-esque touch to the room, such as enlarging a picture from one of the books, then mounting it onto
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the crib’s headboard.


Snoopy, along with the rest of the Peanuts comic strip characters, is a gender-neutral animated character that offers cool and easy solutions for baby room decoration. Snoopy-related baby products are easy to find and include wall hangings, window treatments and crib bedding sets. From Snoopy to Peppermint PattyCool Baby Room Concepts, Lucy and the Flying Ace Red Baron, there are plenty of characters to make the baby’s room a lively and hopping place. Some cool baby products with Snoopy themes include wooden growth charts, clothes hampers and wooden wall mirrors. Cutouts directly from the comic strips are a budget-friendly way to add flair and detail to the baby’s roomCool Baby Room Suggestions.

Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are a lovable and universal way to make a baby room cozy and inviting. One of the coolest things about teddy bears is that they are so easy to find. Giving the baby’s room a cohesive theme becomes easy when teddy bears are included. From purchasing a vast, human-sized teddy bear to place in the corner of the room, to bedding sets sprinkled with teddy bear drawings, there is no shortage of suggestions. One particularly heartfelt way for parents to start up the nursery is by adding one of their own childhood teddy bears to the room–even if it’s raggedy or is missing an eye. Other ideas include teddy bear patchwork quilts, teddy bear posters, area rugs in the shape of bears and ceramic lamps with bear themes.


Hawaiian themes provide a relaxing and creative way to decorate a baby’s room. A Hawaiian motif replicates the colorful vibe of tranquil island living. Tropical-style baby rooms can be masculine or feminine. Some suggestions include luau party props, Hawaiian print crib bedding, stuffed parrots and tropical birds, crib skirts that resemble hula grass, window treatments that are thatch roof tiki huts, brightly colored tropical floral prints and wall tree murals. When painting the walls, it’s helpful to imitate colors of the Hawaiian sunset–along with ocean blue and bright pink Hawaiian hibiscus flowers.

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How to Purchase a Bedside Sleeper

2012年4月19日 木曜日


Search around for different prices on bedside sleepers. Check out baby gear retailers, such as Babies “R” Us and Target, as well as the online stores Babystyle and Baby Direct.


Consider a used bedside sleeper. Manufacturers recommend that once the child can roll over, the bedside sleeper should not be used anymore. Therefore, many bedside sleepers are gently used. Find a used version at a yard sale or on eBay.


Get a bedside sleeper that can double as a bassinet. Arm’s Reach has a bedside sleeper that can be converted to a bassinet. One side is detachable and can be secured in location when away from the parent’s bedHow to Obtain a Bedside Sleeper.


Read the measurements of the bedside sleeper. The bedside sleeper needs to accommodate
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the height of the bed. Measure your bed’s height and compare it for the bedside sleeper that you have in mind.


Check the weight and height restrictions. Bigger babies
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are usually not able to make use of a bedside sleeper. Babies over 25 pounds should not sleep in a bedside sleeperHow to Acquire a Bedside Sleeper.

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