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How to Clean a Washing Machine With Clorox

2012年4月20日 金曜日


Set the washing machine controls towards the hottest water temperature as well as the longest agitation lengthHow
Remove washing machine odor/
to Clean a Washing Machine With Clorox.


Turn on the washer and, while it is filling, add 1 cup Clorox.


Stop the machine when the tub
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is full and. while wearing latex gloves, dip the sponge into the hot Clorox water.


Wipe down the inside cover and the area above the washer drum.


Close the washing machine lid and enable the machine to run by way of all cyclesHow to Clean a Washing Machine With Clorox, the same as if you were washing a load of clothes.


Change the setting to “Rinse” only and let the machine to run via an extra rinse cycle. All the Clorox will now be removed, and your washing machine might be clean and sanitized.

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